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New Start, New Life, New World [06 Oct 2008|11:07am]
As many as my friends know, I have been living in Japan for about six months now. My friends probably also know that I never want to leave.

Tokyo Tower, JP

Hachiko, Shibuya

Bunny Girls, Casino @ Tokyo Int. Anime Con 2008

Temple in Kurihama

Yes, Japan is that awesome.

I read an article in the PiQ magazine by some guy who randomly decided to live in Japan. He described it as nothing special and, basically, not as cool as he thought it was. I have no idea where he got any of that. Maybe I'm being spoiled since I get to live on base with my Navy husband, while he jumped right into the Japanese culture. I still get the US side of things. I still get Taco Bell and American Subway. (Yes, Japan has their own Subway as well as McDonald's, KFC, Denny's, Red Lobster, Burger King, Wendy's, and others.) I also get the big American style house on base (nice) while this man has to have a tiny Japanese apartment and hang his clothes out to dry because either their dryers don't work, are too small, don't fit in their houses, or they don't have one! (I haven't figured that one out yet. =X) Anyway, he described Akihibara as creepy and dull and no fun. WELL, he was wrong!! Akihibara is the place for otaku like me and you. (I'm assuming you are, so bite me. =)) We're talkin' arcades, figure shops, maid cafes, gundam model kit shops, etc!! Akihibara is my all time favorite place in Japan.

This coming up weekend, I am going to Tokyo Game Show! You know, that big game show that g4tv has footage of every year. That's located in Tokyo. Chiba, to be exact. And I'm going. I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell right now. =) I'm going to take tons of pictures. Don't worry about that. And the entrance fee is only 1200 Yen at the door! That is approximately 12 dollars. How cheap!! The Tokyo International Anime Convention 2008 was only 1000 Yen at the door. Why are conventions in America so expensive!! I guess because these cons have so many attendees. Yes, there are always huge lines. But once you get in, you can spend the rest of the day in there.

Here is a little about me since my last post:
I dumped the slump and got with an awesome guy three days later. We dated long distance (if you count eight hours and us driving back and forth once or twice a month) for my second year of college. I moved in with him for six months. Er, well, I lived in an apartment in Georgia. We weren't supposed to be living together. =X He got orders to Japan and we got married so I could follow! The marriage was pretty fast, no ceremony. We just went to a chapel in Alabama...and then I had to wait and wait for the paperwork to finish over in Yokosuka, Japan. It never did, so he flew me over anyway and got in trouble for that, but it turns out I had to be there anyway for the paperwork to get done! It was all an upside down, backwards mess. Things got figured out, and we got on base housing with free everything so here I am! I'll be in Japan for another two years. I'm working on base as a waitress... The job isn't so bad. I love working with the Japanese ladies, and I get paid 8.96 an hour. We're only busy for one night out of the week. Not so bad. Yeah, yeah, my career is kinda on hold, but I'm enjoying my life in Japan. I'm still young, you know.

And there's you a big jumbled paragraph about my life.

I'll try to update this and keep this as my main journal from now on. I want to share my findings of Japan, lol. Like panty vending machines.... yeah....those do exist!

Ja ne!

IN PARANOIA AGENT STYLE [12 Jul 2005|01:18pm]

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